Monthly Archives: May 2008

What’s Happened to My Country?

It really hasn’t been that long since the last time I was in the States (August of last year), yet somehow it seems like a lot has changed and some of it not for the good. In just a few days I have been inundated with bad news from every angle. This country doesn’t feel like […]

On My Way to the U.S.A: What I’m looking forward to…

Tomorrow I leave for a six-week stint to the U.S. to get a much needed “dose” of all things American including catching up with friends and family.  It’s been nine months since my last trip to the U.S. and over a year since I’ve been “home.” I am actually quite proud of myself for lasting this […]

Denmark Needs Workers So Why Can’t Foreigners Get Jobs?

An article on the cover of one of Denmark’s leading national newspapers, Berlingske Tiden, published a story entitled, “Desperate jagt på nye medarbejdere,” meaning “Desperate hunt for new employees.” It states that the employment market is in such dire need for employees that four out of 10 openings are filled by people that are not qualified […]