Monthly Archives: February 2009

Quick Shots of the Snow

Taken at the entrance to Fælledparken, one of the Copenhagen’s most popular parks near the national stadium Parken. The statue, called the “Monument for Genforeningen (reunion) 1920,” signifies the reunification of southern Jutland to Denmark.  Before I learned this and when I stood there looking at it I actually thought to myself, “Mother Denmark.”

Pandora’s Box

Pandora, the first mortal woman, received from Zeus a box that she was forbidden to open. The box contained all human blessings and all human curses. Temptation overcame restraint, and Pandora opened it. In a moment, all curses were released into the world, and all blessings escaped and were lost — except one: hope. Without hope, […]

The Eurovision Song Contest Phenomenon

I had never heard of the Eurovision Song Contest before moving to Denmark but I soon learned that this annual music competition is HUGE here. It’s not just big, it’s HUGE. People even host parties the night of the actual contest like Oscar nights in the U.S. to cheer on singers/performers from Denmark to Albania, Montenegro […]