Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Light at 10 pm in Scandinavia

Photo taken in southern Sweden last week.

Photos of Sunny Sunday in Copenhagen

Just a few pictures taken last weekend. These give a pretty good flavor for a typical sunny, spring Sunday in Copenhagen. Most of these were taken by my husband, Lasse Fredrik Jensen.

New U.S. Ambassador to Denmark Appointed

Word has it that the new Ambassador to Denmark is soon to be appointed. Jyllands-Posten reported that Laurie Susan Fulton, a top D.C. lawyer and ex-wife of well-known former Senator Thomas Daschle is the selected Ambassador to The Kingdom of Denmark. It’s not yet 100 percent official though as of this writing. Apparently it will take […]

Photos of Copenhagen Vandalism

We took a walk down Strøget to see the damage done from Friday’s vandalism. Here is what we saw. Looked pretty well cleaned up in just two days. It’s still quite a shame that these historic buildings were damaged like this. But all in all, it could have been worse, I suppose. And apparently the police […]

Vandalism and Gang Related Attacks on the Rise in CPH

See video here: The footage on this video is unreal. I simply cannot believe it was filmed let alone not stopped by the police while it was happening. And to make thing even more unreal, NO ARRESTS WERE MADE — that’s right — not a single person. Basically, a whole area of Strøget (the shopping street […]

Great Day of Prayer

               Friday, May 8 is a holiday in Denmark. It’s a day off for most. However sadly when you ask about what the holiday is, most have a difficult time explaining it. In essence, most know it simply as a day or three-day weekend rather than a recognized celebration of […]

A Word on TV & The Computer

When you really look deeply at something, it becomes a part of you. This is one of the sinister aspects of television. People are constantly looking at empty and false images; these impoverished images are filling up the inner world of the heart. The modern world of image and electronic media is reminiscent of Plato’s […]

Spring Has Sprung

A few pics that capture the wonderful feeling of spring in the air.