Videos about Denmark/Scandinavia

I’ve collected a few videos about Scandinavian culture and decided to do a quick round-up. Here are some of my favorites.

Guide to Copenhagen

Lonely Plant’s Copenhagen

Danish Language

60 Minutes Episode about Denmark being “the happiest” place to live

Here is a site with several other videos as well.


  1. I found the first video rather “fake” since the guide is Dane – especially when she’s biting a piece of smørrebrød and say it’s good LOL


  2. Rachel · · Reply

    Thanks for posting the videos… I especially liked seeing & recognizing lots of the places shown around Cph. I can’t wait for my next trip in a couple months!! 🙂


  3. Bluefish · · Reply

    Nice videos…reminds me the beautiful time


  4. Thanks for sharing these videos.

    I liked the first one and I did not find the first video “fake”. I thought the video was very well done and the host made a good impression. I also think that they covered a lot in one 8,5 minute long.

    The second one was informative too, but for Lonely Planet I think they could have done a better editing and a more compelling storytelling.

    Haha, the third video was hilarious. I can somehow relate to the “strange” sounds the Danish language produces.

    By the way, there some more videos here at It is a web-based TV show about Denmark. And the last 2 episodes (#3 and #2) actually the Danish language.

    Thanks once again for sharing these videos. And your blog is very interesting.



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