Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Danish Christmas Lunch

In light of the fact that it’s soon time again to endulge in the traditional Danish Christmas lunch or “julefrokost,” I am posting an article I wrote a couple years ago about working your way around the infamous Danish open-faced sandwiches and the all too familiar Christmas lunch. And if you are on the hunt for […]

Vegetarian Cafes/Restauants in CPH

Me (on the right), a good friend Akiko (left), and my husband Lasse (behind the camera) eating lunch at 42 Raw. I often find myself wondering where to find good vegetarian food in Copenhagen either for a quick inexpensive lunch or for dinner perhaps with a little more sophistication. So I decided to start a list of my […]

Denmark Least Corrupt in the World

The Telegraph published an article today entitled, “Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore top list of least corrupt countries,” and highlighted the evaluation from 10 institutions on the perceived levels of corruption. Following these countries is Sweden and Finland. An interesting perspective was provided by the President of the British Chamber of Commerce stating: “The Danish mentality […]