Vegetarian Cafes/Restauants in CPH

Me (on the right), a good friend Akiko (left), and my husband Lasse (behind the camera) eating lunch at 42 Raw.

I often find myself wondering where to find good vegetarian food in Copenhagen either for a quick inexpensive lunch or for dinner perhaps with a little more sophistication. So I decided to start a list of my own and add to it when I find good places that fit the bill. Here are some of my favorites, and some others that I’ve heard about but have not tried yet. If you read this and know of some yourself, please let me know!

Souponatural — This small cozy basement cafe is in the Latin Quarter and serves organic soup. It is also a cocktail bar. The place is very hip and intimate, and has free wi-fi so it’s perfect for lunch on your own or just to go and hang out and work. Their slogan is, “Don’t panic, it’s organic.” AND the service is great.

Atlas Bar — Also located in the Latin Quarter just around the corner from Souponatural is another basement cafe that has exceptionally good “mindfully prepared” vegetarian food. They also have meat dishes however their fresh salads and warm veg dishes are excellent. You can also go for a salad plate, which is a combination of several kinds of salads or just a juice — they make fresh pressed veggie and fruit juices. You can even make a special request if you are craving something special like beetroot and orange, for example. Upstairs is Flyfisken, which should also be good (it was included in the Fodor’s guide I worked on), but I have not tried it myself.

42 Raw — Located in Pilestræde in the center of the city near Kongens Nyrtorv is one of the first, if not The first, raw food bar in CPH. It’s a small place with stadium-like bench seating (not the most comfortable but perfect for “picnic-like” dining). Their main offers are salads (go figure, it’s raw :), but they also have soups and desserts which should be good. Overall the food is super fresh and it does give you a real energy boost but for me the prices are a tad too high. They also have a lot of fresh juice offerings including juice shots.

The Raw Tribe — This is another raw food place but it’s located in Nørrebro on Blagardsgade . I have not tried this place but it looks quite similar to 42 Raw. They offer raw pizza, veggie boxes and juices as well as raw cakes.

Crazy Chicken — While this place does offer rotisserie chicken, it has a wide variety of Turkish-style salads like lentil, broccoli or humus at very good prices. Located near the lakes in Østerbro.

Picnic — Located just off of Sankt Hans Torv, this little, very casual and inexpensive cafe like many others offers a variety of Turkish-style salads and warm dishes.  

Morgenstedet — Located in Christiania is a real hippie-style vegetarian place. The food reminds me of the food I had on the 10-day Vipassana meditation course I went to — food made from the heart with good intension. The place normally offers a warm dish of the day and a variety of salads with fresh bread. They have a small indoor seating area and picnic tables outside.

BioM — Denmark’s first and only (as far as I know) government certified 100 percent organic restaurant — even the paint on the walls is organic. Two former royal guards and chefs for the Royal family (I believe) teamed up and created this lovely restaurant not far from Christiansborg Castle. It’s not all vegetarian, but it is all organic and they do a fabulous job. They take a lot of inspiration from Provence as well and their brunch is amazing. I highly recommend this place for semi-fine dining.

BioMio — Located in the meat-packing district — one of the new “hip” places over there. The place advertises having organic healthy food options at good prices. Their menu features a series of codes for meals that are low-fat, low carb and low cal, as well as items offering specific health benefits like dishes that have certain vitamins or give effects like energy booster, brain booster, macho, after-shopping relief, ect. They have a variety of wok, curry, and brunch options as well as salads. I have heard mixed reviews on the place and since I haven’t tried it myself, I can’t say much more!

Restaurant Saison — Another option for serious fine vegetarian dining is Saison (or “seasons), a restaurant that’s part of Hellerup’s Park Hotel restaurant run by the highly acclaimed chef Erwin Lauterbach, known for his many contributions to the culinary world and not least his exquisite treatment and ode to the vegetable in his French-Danish inspired dishes. I am dying to try the vegetarian dinner menu at some point.

I can’t mention vegetarian without adding a couple Indian restaurants…so here are two of my favorites:

Deep Restaurant — Located on Vesterbrogade (no. 89), this is one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in the city as far as I’m told. It’s family owned and offers a simple classic buffet with veg option, and a la carte options. You literally feel like you are stepping into India when you are there. It’s authentic, tasty, cozy and inexpensive.

Spicy Kitchen — Right near Christianshavn torv is the Spicy Kitchen — they recently redid their facade, which used to read Spicey Kitchen! This is also a family owned Indian place that offers very simple, classic dishes that are very affordable at around 50 Dkr. per dish. The place used to be a pharmacy so its tight seating and a good place for a quick bite or simple take-away.

There are a few others listed on the sites below. I cannot vouch for them but what I will say is DO NOT GO to Riz Raz.

Wonderful Copenhagen’s Visit Copenhagen – Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants

Spiseliv’s List of Vegetarian Restaurants  

The Happy Cow – Compassionate Eating Guide

Enjoy your veggies everyone!


  1. I hate vegatarian food, but just in case I change my mind one day while walking through denmark; What’s the best place to eat from the list you posted?


    1. How on earth can you hate vegetarian food? If you hate vegetables, you’re really in trouble as it’s a little difficult to survive without them. It really depends on what you are looking for as far as the “best” place. If gourmet is what you’re looking for, then Saison is a good choice. If you’re lookng for every day food, I would recommend Atlas Bar.


  2. Thank you so much for this list. We tire of being offered the chicken or fish dish when we ask for a veggie alternative.


  3. Thank you for this list. I just stumbled upon it while I was again searching for “Picnic” ved Sankt Hans Torv. I didn’t know that there are so many nice places where to find good vegetarian food in Copenhagen. I will try out some more from your list. Specially after Bikram Yoga Classes, you would like to eat even more fresh food.
    Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
    Argentine Tango | DJ & Teacher


  4. Bärbel Rücker | tanzbar · · Reply

    Thank you for this list. I just stumbled upon it while I was again searching for ”Picnic” ved Sankt Hans Torv. I didn\’t know that there are so many nice places where to find good vegetarian food in Copenhagen. I will try out some more from your list. Specially after Bikram Yoga Classes, you would like to eat even more fresh food.
    Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
    Argentine Tango | DJ & Teacher


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