Monthly Archives: January 2011

ATTN Expats in Denmark: Survey Participants Wanted

Expats & Living Abroad Samantha Barber, a third-year degree student studying Graphic Design in the UK, is looking for survey participants for her study focussing on ‘Expats and living Abroad.’   She is currently inviting expats to participate in her project by answering a short online questionnaire on her blog:  The results of the survey as well as interviews […]

Mom Swap: Comparing the UK to Denmark

I just came across this fascinating article in The Guardian comparing the difference between Denmark and the UK in terms of childcare and lifestyle for working parents. If you’re curious about the differences between the two countries or even just about the Scandinavian social welfare system as it relates to childcare and education, this is an […]

Twins in the Royal House

This week, Denmark’s CP (Crown Princess) Mary gave birth to twins bringing the tally of royal children up to four. So far no pictures have been released yet but rumors have it that Mary is getting “royal treatment” for being allowed to stay in the hospital for five days. I guess this is unheard of due to […]