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The Colors of Copenhagen

Icelandic music….from Iceland Airwaves

I actually personally attended the very first Iceland Airwaves concert in Iceland back in 1999. Gus Gus played and a very cool Beastie Boys-ish band called Quarashi played as did Detroit’s Thievery Corporation. Flavorwire highlighted a few of their favorite new bands from Iceland playing at this year’s Airwaves festival on their site. Check it…

New Dreamy Nordic Indie Band from Finland

Thanks to Nordic Vibes, a Dutch blog covering Scandinavian music, I discovered this super dreamy from Finland. They describe themselves as: “Combining the hypnotic soundscapes of dream pop with lush melodies.” Seems like they’ve been making waves worldwide with their self-titled album, which launched in Finland about a year ago in Sept. 2010, then later in Germany, […]

Denmark increases prices on fatty foods, fat tax or “fat lie”?

It’s no secret that Denmark has a very high cost of living and with 25% sales tax on all items, including food and clothing, most everything costs a bit more here. I will admit it was odd to see people stockpiling butter the other day, the day before the new “fat tax” was imposed. What was […]

New Media — Copenhagen Art & Lifestyle Magazines

Just discovered two magazines dedicated to art & lifestyle in Copenhagen. Check them out! CPH-ART.DK — Bitchslap Magazine —