Björk Album Released…and New Dreamy Swedish Music

I’ve always loved Scandinavian music. In fact, my infatuation with the Icelandic singer, Björk is what led me to travel to and explore the region and eventually settle there for a while. Big news from Björk is that she’s released her new album, Vulnicura, two weeks early on itunes.

The new album release coincides with a new exhibit at the MoMA in NYC starting March 8 that will chronicle her work “from more than 20 years of the artist’s daring and adventurous projects and her seven full-length albums.”

Another country that produces some great music and has had a long reputation of doing so – think ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette – has an upcoming artist that’s gotten the attention to Flavorwire. The group, The Amazings’ third album Picture You will be released in February and the album’s single sounds a lot like the dreamy, soft, melodic-type music of other great Swedish bands like Kent.

Have a listen! Tak og Njuta (thanks and enjoy!)

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