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As a freelance writer covering different aspects of Scandinavian culture, I created this blog to publish news and information concerning the expansion of Nordic business and culture in America. This includes, but is not limited to, art, gastronomy, design, fashion, media, and events.


  1. bibomedia · · Reply



  2. Hi Laura

    I have recently started up a new webpage called Career Guide 2 Denmark.

    It helps highly educated English speakers in Denmark finding their dream job.

    My aim have been to make it easier to get an overview of the opportunities in Danish companies.

    Take a look at – I hope you like it, and that you might want to link to the webpage at your blog

    Best regards


  3. Hi Laura

    Thanks a lot:)


  4. Greetings,

    I met a girl from Denmark last summer and I am moving from Tennessee to KPH to be with her starting in June. I was hoping I could bother you with a few questions:

    1. Our understanding is that I can look for work on a tourist visa, do you know anything about this? She asked at the udlaendingcentret (I believe that is what it is called).

    2. From what I gather, I can expect to run into a series of brick walls, especially employers who are unfriendly to foreigners. Do you have any tips for ingratiating myself?

    3. I have a MA in English– is this going to count for anything? Ideally, I’d like to write for a publication. A second choice would be high-level editing.

    4. My girlfriend is not yet 24, have you heard of any way that one can legally circumvent the 24-year rule for marriage?

    I’m studying Danish in earnest and am willing to take pretty much any job that will get me a work visa– I can afford to be picky after I have my foot firmly in the door. I will really owe you one if you can give me any advice.


    Wes C.


  5. Gitte Jacobsen · · Reply

    Hi, my name is Gitte (Gita) and I am in a little different situation than most of the bloggers in here. I am danish born and raised, but moved to the US (California) when I was 25. I loved it so much, and stayed until recently, when I moved back to Denmark after 19 years in the US. I brought my american born 13 year old twin boys with me, we have been in DK since November. It is very strange, because all of a sudden I find myself as a stranger in my own country…trying to settle in. I can not imagine how the experience must be for my children, or any foreigner, really.
    I am actually trying to find if there exist such a group as american teenagers in Denmark, I would like to hook my children up with a couple of american friends to help them feel at home. Anyone heard of such a group?


  6. Krishna Kumar · · Reply

    Dear Friends,I am planning to arrive in copenhagen in febraury end of 2010. Can anyone let me know if i can get an economical accomodation and what need to be done initially when someone comes for the first time.

    Is there a possibility of an employment exchange like who can help through the process of getting a resonably fair job as per our qualification,Experience (though in a different country) etc

    I was told there are some associations who can help us in initial job search process.Can someone guide about these few questions of mine.



    1. I would suggest you contact one of the sites listed on my blog or look up Expat in Denmark. They are in a much better position to help you then I. Good luck.


  7. Krishna Kumar · · Reply

    I have misspelt the year of arrival as 2010, Febraury end of 2011. Awaiting reply and help.



  8. Superb blog post together with fine chat one of several remarks.


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  10. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂


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