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International Herald Tribune on Ørestad

IHT: Is Copenhagen Brilliant?

Wall Street Journal on Aquavit

WSJ: Sipping the Spirit of the North — The best ways to enjoy classic Scandinavian aquavit—and how to make your own

Printmag on New Nordic Food

“The new Nordic cuisine movement is a food and design phenomenon, but it also  says something about us Finns, Swedes, and Danes as people. No longer are we  looking outside of our borders to find new experiences; we have finally started  to appreciate the things we have at home and, what’s more, believe that they […]

Denmark increases prices on fatty foods, fat tax or “fat lie”?

It’s no secret that Denmark has a very high cost of living and with 25% sales tax on all items, including food and clothing, most everything costs a bit more here. I will admit it was odd to see people stockpiling butter the other day, the day before the new “fat tax” was imposed. What was […]

Denmark Elects First Woman Prime Minister

Read coverage in some of the international papers about the historic win for Denmark….in more ways than one… New York Times: Denmark to Be Led by Its First Female Premier as Leftists Win The Guardian: Danes vote for their first female prime minister Huffington Post: Denmark Elections: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, First Woman To Become Prime Minister, Defeats […]

Me & The Little Mermaid

This cartoon about the Little Mermaid was in the local paper in Dallas. My mother sent it to me years ago and I found it the other day as I was going through my keepsakes in advance of our upcoming move back to the U.S. It’s funny because when I look a bit more into the story, […]