“The new Nordic cuisine movement is a food and design phenomenon, but it also  says something about us Finns, Swedes, and Danes as people. No longer are we  looking outside of our borders to find new experiences; we have finally started  to appreciate the things we have at home and, what’s more, believe that they […]

Some great beats coming out of Scandinavia….check out this year’s winners of the annual Danish DeeJay Awards! The Year’s Danish Artist & Album:  MEDINA / For Altid http://medinamusic.dk/ The Year’s Danish Deejay: NOIR http://www.noir-music.com The Year’s Upfront Deejay: FLIP DK & Dance Chart Prize: KATO Ft. IDA CORR, CAMILLE JONES & JOHNSON / Sjus The […]

World-renowned Danish silver design company Georg Jensen has a new collection designed by British desiner Ilse Crawford. Here’s a short film produced by Justin Anderson featuring the collection, which includes a water jug, metallic bowl and candleholder. Quite sexy indeed. http://www.nowness.com/day/2012/4/19/2074/ilse-crawford-x-georg-jensen

Designer Katja Bie turned her love of writing, history, and pattern design with storytelling and created her own masterpieces. Her silk scarves and ties feature an overlay of artistic expressions featuring ancient script and motifs from H.C. Andersen fairy tales, Danish castles, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Tycho Brahe star maps, and Viking runes. Her collection started with the production of ties, scarves […]


Monocle Magazine reports on a design agency in Copenhagen that specializes in making type fonts.  The agency, e-Types has even set up a retail store. See the coverage here: Playtype.  

I actually personally attended the very first Iceland Airwaves concert in Iceland back in 1999. Gus Gus played and a very cool Beastie Boys-ish band called Quarashi played as did Detroit’s Thievery Corporation. Flavorwire highlighted a few of their favorite new bands from Iceland playing at this year’s Airwaves festival on their site. Check it…

Thanks to Nordic Vibes, a Dutch blog covering Scandinavian music, I discovered this super dreamy from Finland. They describe themselves as: “Combining the hypnotic soundscapes of dream pop with lush melodies.” Seems like they’ve been making waves worldwide with their self-titled album, which launched in Finland about a year ago in Sept. 2010, then later in Germany, […]

It’s no secret that Denmark has a very high cost of living and with 25% sales tax on all items, including food and clothing, most everything costs a bit more here. I will admit it was odd to see people stockpiling butter the other day, the day before the new “fat tax” was imposed. What was […]