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Denmark sends The Little Mermaid to Shanghai

March 25 2010 Copenhagen’s statue of The Little Mermaid, known from H.C. Andersen’s fairytale, began her journey to Shanghai on March 25. Once there she is to be part of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. This means that around 70 million people will experience the iconic symbol of the Danish capital. She has been beheaded twice […]

The Eurovision Song Contest Phenomenon

I had never heard of the Eurovision Song Contest before moving to Denmark but I soon learned that this annual music competition is HUGE here. It’s not just big, it’s HUGE. People even host parties the night of the actual contest like Oscar nights in the U.S. to cheer on singers/performers from Denmark to Albania, Montenegro […]

Some Shocking Danish Ads

Media is one way that defines a culture. And here in Denmark sometimes the advertisements really illustrate some clear differences between the U.S. and DK. It’s no secret that Europe in general is more liberal and that Denmark is one of the most liberal with an open attitude towards sex, beer and nudity, and just being more natural (i.e., grown […]

Participants Needed for Amercian Expat Survey

If you are an American Expat here in Denmark on a work assignment or are the spouse of an Expat on assignment, check out this survey.  It’s from a researcher at North Carolina State University. The deadline is Dec. 15 and by participating you could win a gift certificate or opportunity to donate your prize […]

Time Magazine: How Denmark Sees the World in 2012

Time magazine’s recent article about Denmark hosting the UN climate summit in 2009 in Copenhagen entited, “How Denmark Sees the World in 2012,” outlines the importance of this summit due to the negotiations necessary to put a plan in place by the time the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. Time reports: …we need to have a plan in […]

Copenhagen 7th Most Expensive City (also best to live in, best for quality of life and best design city)

The annual Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living survey was recently published for 2008 in late July. Not surprisingly, Copenhagen ranked 7th, down from 6th in 2007, and Moscow ranks number one as the most expensive city in the world. Click on the link above to see the entire list. Mercer also ranked Copenhagen as the 11th […]

Finding Green Leafies in Denmark

It’s no secret that dark green leafies are the kings of all vegetables containing the highest nutrient density. Unfortunately, they are hard to find in Denmark. Since most produce is seasonal and local or very selectively imported it can make for slim pickings when it comes to variety in produce. This is great especially if you subscribe […]

What’s New in Denmark?

Well, for one thing, the birds are starting to chirp 24/7. We slept with the window open last night and I woke up several times due to this constant chirping. My first thought however was how nice it will be when sun starts to rise around 3:00 am. The sun set tonight just after 8:00 pm due […]

60 Minutes Features Denmark: “The Happiest Place on Earth”

CBS‘ renowned program (and my father’s favorite) “60 Minutes,” did a segment about Denmark. The program, entitled, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” highlights the fact that Denmark has won the top ranking again in the scientific survey on happiness published by Leicester University in England. The episode was based on the results from the 2006 survey […]

Change of Tone

The program I wrote about had quite an impact on the international community in Denmark and inspired around 20 posts on the Yahoo group devoted to Foreigners in Denmark. I must admit that it even though it was intended to be a kind of cathartic exercise for me, it also stirred up something that I may have […]